Friday, July 16, 2010

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

weight loss and diet pills

Every major news station was reporting yesterday about the FDA's evaluation of three new "diet pills" that may be approved soon. These will be prescription medications. The most notable one combines phentermine (which is used in our program) with an antiseizure drug , Topomax. The nickname for this antiseizure drug is called "Dopamax" because it causes many people, at certqain dosages to feel quite tired and dopey.

The others use antidepressant meds in combination with anroectics.

The talking heads on the news shows were doing a great job however of reminding people that weight loss is NEVER just using a pill. "Diet and exercise" were discussed as a necessary compnent of any long term weight loss effort.

We, at Serotonin-Plus will evaluate these medications carefully before deciding to include any of them in our protocol. Safety is first and foremost on our priority list and when a physician incorporates any new medications into a regimen he/she wants to be certain you are not posing any safety concerns. Stay tuned and we will provide you with as much updated information as possible. In the meantime, always remember that the permanent loss of weight is NEVER in a is in a lifestyle change.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

weight loss and rewards

We have been rewarded with food from our earliest often did our parents "bribe"/reward us with food.."If you are good, you will get ice cream"..."if you finish your entire dinner, you get dessert.."

We have proceeded over the years to reward ourselves with food and alcohol...long day of hard work deserves a couple of glasses of wine...

Learning to reward ourselves and our children with things other than high caloric food or drink sources will go a long way in helping us and others with weight control. Other rewards may include a gift certificate for someone, a massage therapy session for ourselves, an item of clothing or jewelry that can be bought, etc...

Try to take food sources out of your reward system arsenal.

Monday, July 12, 2010

weight loss programs and pricing....

There was a comment yesterday posted asking about pricing issues, but I do not feel this is the correct venue to discuss pricing. Out number can be called: 703-866-4144 quite anonymously to discuss pricing.

We had a meeting with another physician from the Pennsylvania area who is currently doing a franchise medically supervised weight loss program but he is unhappy with it. The program involves the selling of a number of things...vitamins, supplements, food sources etc. He feels like he has to be a salesman to his patients.

The success of our program is rooted in the unique nature of serotonin supplementation, the use "real" food as opposed to prepackged foods and teaching behavior modification.

Costs, thru Care Credit this can done for as little as 125 dollars a month....

The cost of losing weight cab ne expensive but the costs of remaining overweight are much more.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

weight loss and mood

When discussing weight control issues and mood, it is like the proverbial "chicken and the egg"..which comes first? When we are in a depressed mood, we often do not feel like exercising, being proactive in our health issues, etc. We often will resort to food sources as a treatment for our depression/anxiety. Conversely, when we are overweight, this frequently causes mood changes..we feel depressed about our appearance, our self-esteem suffers and the negative cycle continues...the added depression worsens the weight problem.

Breaking the cycle? Realizing at all times that losing weight and feeling better about our appearance can only help our mood. Intellectually, we know that food sources do not "treat" depressed moods, so thinking through these issues and not succumbing to the food sources is of paramount importance in not allowing the viscious cycle to continue.

Losing weight makes us happier...your efforts will be rewarded.

Friday, July 9, 2010

weight loss and summer

There are times of the year when weight loss efforts are obviously challenged...winter time when people are snowed in and there is less daylight/warmth to exercise outside, holiday season when there are many gatherings, etc.

We do not think of the summertime as presenting challenges but in fact, there are many opportunities to have your efforts derailed. Cookouts with the three "B's" ..burgers buns and beers, neighborhood gatherings where lots of high-caloric foods and alcohol are present, summer vacations at the beach where many food/drink sources appear.

If you are not at your goal weight, take a step back and see how you are managing your summertime eating/drinking patterns and ensure that there are not behavior patterns occurring that are derailing your efforts. Do not allow the summertime to sneak in unwanted behaviors.

Vigilance of your weight loss efforts require constant not let your guard down!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

weight loss and immediate gratification

First, thanks to "Anonymous" for the very nice comment....sometimes as I am making all of these typos while writing this every morning I sometimes wonder how many people are reading this and whether it is making a difference for some...the feedback, either positive or negative, obviously alerts me that there are people reading this and the positive ones compel me to continue...

Today I wanted to throw out there the concept of humans being an "immediate gratification" specie. I really believe this is very much built into our genome. The primordial behavior to seek things that provide an immediate gratification....a food source, a fun activity, sex etc. This is often tempered however by another part of the brain that makes us think of the ramifications of the immediate gratification behavior and sometimes that part of our brain stops or delays the behavior.

As this relates to weight control, this does have a great impact because to a large extent the consumption of high-caloric food sources provides an immediate gratification then followed by self-flagellation for allowing ourselves to have given in to the primordial eating behavior. How many times have you made three trips to a buffet, including the last trip for a dessert and say to yourself: "I am so full, I wasnt even hungry..why did I do that?"

As best you can, try to allow the intellectual part of your brain to take over and control the primordial part that compels us to eat way past the point of satiation or make us eat food sources that derail our weight loss efforts. Instinctual behaviors can be quite strong but they can be overcome.